Chapter 657: The End of the Auction

Chapter 657: The End of the Auction

The corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth curled slightly as he observed the Gold Silver Brothers wave their sleeves and send someone flying. The tactics of these two old fellows were indeed shameless. However, since the other party had already softened their stance, he was too lazy to argue with them in this kind of occasion. The auction was the most important matter today. Using this matter, he had already perfectly achieved the deterrent effect he wanted. After this, it was likely that there wouldn’t be any blind fools who came and sought trouble.

“Since the two of you don’t have any objections to our ‘Xiao Gate’ taking charge of Feng City, can you two please take your seats. The auction is about to begin.” Xiao Yan smiled and spoke.

The face of the Gold Silver Brothers twitched a little upon hearing Xiao Yan’s words. They had thrown away their face today. However, there was no other choice… they sighed in their hearts. The two of them looked at the cold, ice-like Medusa beside Xiao Yan fearfully. Only then did they smile and sit in their seats.

“Everyone, what happened earlier is but a farce. Please...

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