Chapter 656: Deterrent

Chapter 656: Deterrent

A black figure also slowly appeared on the auction stage as that laughter sounded in the auction hall.

The faces of the Gold Silver Brothers changed a little when that somewhat familiar laughter sounded. Their expressions immediately became ugly when their gazes shifted onto the human figure on the auction stage.

“Xiao Yan? You have killed the Black Alliance Chief Han Feng, yet you still dare to come to the ‘Black-Corner Region?”

The cold cry that was emitted from the mouths of the Gold Silver Brothers immediately caused the entire auction house to become noisy. Numerous shocked gazes started at the black-robed, young man on the stage. This extremely young fellow was actually the Xiao Yan who had killed Medicinal Emperor Han Feng?

Although Xiao Yan’s reputation had spread across the entire ‘Black-Corner Region’, many people were still unfamiliar with his appearance. Hence, they felt disbelief when they saw that this strong person, who was rumored to be able to kill Han Feng, was actually this young.

Xiao Yan’s gaze swept toward the ugly expressions of the Gold Silver Brothers as he laughed softly, “Both of your words are really funny. There are countless number of people who are killed in the...

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