Chapter 655: Medicinal Pill Auction

Chapter 655: Medicinal Pill Auction

One bottle after another of finished medicinal pill products were repeatedly delivered to Xiao Li’s hand following the gradual increase in time Xiao Yan spent in retreat. On top of feeling a joy at such a rich source of pills, Xiao Li also ceased selling medicinal pills one at a time. After having muddled along within the ‘Black-Corner Region’ for two to three years, he was clearly aware that the perfect method to obtain the greatest value for medicinal pills was to auction them!

Currently, Feng City was already completely controlled in the hands of ‘Xiao Gate’. Given their strength, it was already sufficient to manage a reputable auction that focused solely on the sale of medicinal pills. Hence, Xiao Li finally sent out the information of an auction being held through various channels after a few days of preparation.

Various large and small auctions would frequently appear within the ‘Black-Corner Region’. However, an auction that focused solely on the sale of medicinal pills was quite rare. Moreover, Xiao Li had naturally leaked news of some high-tier medicinal pills that were to be auctioned when he spread the news of the auction. Hence, the auction that...

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