Chapter 654: Refining the Spiritual Recovery Purple Pill

Chapter 654: Refining the Spiritual Recovery Purple Pill

A warm gentle light shone over the quiet secret chamber, expelling all the darkness within it.

A flat bed was placed in a corner of the secret chamber. It leaned against the wall. Xiao Yan was seated cross-legged on it. Various kinds of medicinal ingredients, which were wrapped nicely, were placed in front of him. Some of these medicinal ingredients were quite rare, and could definitely be sold for quite a high price within the ‘Black-Corner Region’. Moreover, there were quite a large amount of them. One really could not help but sigh at the richness of Han Feng’s wealth.

Xiao Yan’s gaze swept over the large number of medicinal ingredients placed in front of him. He could not help but shake his head, and his heart once again sighed in surprise at Han Feng’s wealth. Regardless of how wealthy Han Feng was, it all ended up benefiting Xiao Yan now.

“I was barely able to gather the necessary ingredients needed to refine the ‘Spiritual Recovery Purple Pill’ from these medicinal ingredients.” Xiao Yan withdrew his gaze, mused for a moment before he immediately spoke in a somewhat surprised voice.

The ‘Spiritual Recovery Purple Pill’. Xiao Yan recalled the Ice Emperor Hai Bodong in the Jia Ma Empire when he thought of this medicinal pill. Being his first partner, this old man whose character...

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