Chapter 653: Gathering Medicinal Ingredients

Chapter 653: Gathering Medicinal Ingredients

The three leaders finally nodded and agreed under the allure of the ‘Mighty Huang Pill’ which they could not resist. Xiao Yan naturally sighed in relief in his heart when he saw that he had achieved his motive. After discussing some simple measures with the three of them about their accommodations in Feng City, he allowed them to bid him goodbye and leave.

The large hall immediately became empty after that large menacing group of people that was led by the three leaders left. Seeing that everything had been agreed upon, Xiao Li waved his hand and indicated for his subordinates to stand down.

“Third brother, although these fellows have already agreed to our condition, we should still watch them carefully. It is only too common for the people of the ‘Black-Corner Region’ to go back on their words.” Xiao Li slowly walked to Xiao Yan’s side. His gaze vaguely glanced at Medusa before he frowned and spoke in a deep voice.

“Ke ke, this is only natural. Were it not for Medusa being here today, it is likely that they would not have agreed with our conditions so easily.” Xiao Yan laughed and said.

“Medusa?” Xiao Li was startled...

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