Chapter 652: Gathering Helpers

Chapter 652: Gathering Helpers

“Business transaction? What kind of business transaction?”

The three leaders who had originally thought that Xiao Yan wanted to turn against them were stunned when they heard the words that leaped from Xiao Yan’s mouth. They immediately asked uncertainly.

Xiao Yan smiled and mused for a moment before speaking slowly, “The profits in Feng City are indeed extremely rich. I can allow your three factions to occupy a share in Feng City.”

“What does chief Xiao want us to do?” The three leaders looked at each other before the shadowy-faced old man carefully asked. They did not believe that a pie would fall from the sky for no reason.

“I have an enemy which is quite strong. Although I already have confidence to contend with them given my current strength, I still require some helpers.” Xiao Yan’s gaze locked onto the three of them and laughed faintly. “I only require you three leaders to lend me a hand at that time.”

Xiao Li, who was frowning after hearing Xiao Yan’s earlier words from behind him, also began to relax. The enemy that Xiao Yan had mentioned was naturally the Misty Cloud Sect. He was clearly aware in his heart that although Xiao Yan’s strength had soared, he was weak in numbers. On the other hand, the Misty...

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