Chapter 651: Shock and Awe

Chapter 651: Shock and Awe

The eyes of the leaders of the three large factions involuntarily shrank a little as they watched this black-robed, young man quietly appear in a ghost-like manner. This fellow had unusual agility, and was actually able to enter this large hall without making any noise. Moreover, he had escaped their notice. Such a level of agility did indeed cause others to be extremely afraid.

The anxious swords drawn atmosphere within the hall had also become dull following the appearance of the black-robed, young man. That atmosphere that was about to collapse slowly calmed down due to their fear for each other.

A joy surged onto Xiao Li’s face when he saw the sudden appearance of the black-robed, young man. Since Xiao Yan had managed to rush over, it was likely that they could smoothly settle the calamity today. He had always held a confidence that exceeded common sense toward the former’s ability.

“Who are you?” The first person to open his mouth was the old man from the Dark Sky Sect. His gaze was filled with shadows as he stared at Xiao Yan and asked in a hoarse, cold voice.

“Friend, I shall warn you that this...

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