Chapter 649: Xiao Gate

Chapter 649: Xiao Gate

The lush-green color radiating from the vast mountain forest was just like a green sea where one could not see its borders.

A black-robed, young man was standing on a huge rock at the peak of a mountain within a certain part of this deep mountain range. His expression was solemn, as his right hand formed a strange seal and he immediately cried out loud, “Open Mountain Seal!”

A powerful glow immediately surged from the young man’s palm as the cry sounded. Following the appearance of the glow, his palm was suddenly pushed forward. However, the intense glow on his palm was like an epiphyllum just as his palm moved and instantly disappeared. The palm that was swung merely carried a slight wind. A ‘puff’ was emitted and a tiny pit was blasted into the ground.

Xiao Yan helplessly shook his head as he studied the pit in the ground. He sat on the huge rock as he repeatedly exhaled coarse breath. The energy needed to drive this ‘Open Mountain Seal’ was really too strong, resulting in him being unable to repeatedly use it.

“This damn ‘Open Mountain Seal’ is actually this difficult...

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