Chapter 647: Transaction

Chapter 647: Transaction

“You want to establish a faction within the ‘Black-Corner Region’?” Su Qian immediately knit his brows when he heard Xiao Yan’s words in the Elder’s Meeting Room.

“First Elder, I am also aware that the ‘Black-Corner Region’ has been a thorn to the Jia Nan Academy. However, due to the environment, that place will always possess an extremely strong offensive capability. As the saying goes, it is better to scatter than to stop. If you want to end this trouble, it is only natural that you cannot do it by the most forceful method. Should second brother really manage to expand his faction in the ‘Black-Corner Region’, it would end up helping the Inner Academy by saving a lot of trouble. Moreover, we can also help monitor some of the factions which possess enmity toward the Inner Academy.” Su Qian’s reaction was not beyond Xiao Yan’s expectations. The latter simply smiled and explained.

The frown on Su Qian’s brow relaxed a little. He was no fool. With his experience, he was naturally able to figure out whether things would be beneficial for him or not.

“Moreover, First Elder should also be aware of a little of my background. I have a deep enmity with the Misty Cloud Sect. In order to take revenge, I will require quite...

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