Chapter 643: Serene Sea Storage Ring

Chapter 643: Serene Sea Storage Ring

“He is indeed worthy of being the Alliance Head of the ‘Black Alliance’ by actually carrying such a high grade storage ring.”

Xiao Yan lifted the corner of his mouth and unceremoniously took that deep-blue storage ring from Han Feng’s finger. Storage rings were divided into high and low grades. A high grade storage ring was extremely rare. It was an object in great demand that no supplier, even the auction houses of the ‘Black-Corner Region,’ could fill. Even Xiao Yan had never worn a high grade storage ring in all these years. He could only improvise, and barely manage by using a low grade storage ring.

In the past, Xiao Yan did not have a very great requirement for storage rings. However, he had begun to pay more attention to this ever since that storage ring cracked apart in a baffling manner during his training. He had always stored some precious objects within his storage ring. The last time around, he was fortunate to have the isolation of the ‘Fallen Heart Flame,’ which had prevented him from losing his precious objects. However, it was difficult to be certain of such good luck. Hence, it would indeed reassure him if he were able to possess a high grade storage ring. After all, a high grade...

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