Chapter 642: Reappearance of the Hall of Souls

Chapter 642: Reappearance of the Hall of Souls

The delicate hand appeared to have extended from empty space. It did not cause any fluctuations. It looked gentle and weak, yet it contained an extremely strong and fierce strength that grabbed the metal chain until the point where it could not move.

The sudden help also caused everyone to be startled. Their gazes followed that flawless hand, and slowly shifted. Finally, a beauty with a lovely sexy figure and a nearly perfect bewitching face appeared in front of all their gazes.


TL: In chinese mythology, a female demon is usually extremely beautiful and would occasionally bewitch men

This was the feeling that the woman gave to others at first glance with the exception of her icy-cold face. The merging of coldness and enchantment caused her to possess an unusual allure that had a deep impact on men. Her snow-white chin formed a slightly sharp incline that caused her entire body to be filled with a pride that was difficult to hide. This kind of pride was not an ordinary woman’s arrogance, but an honorable haughtiness that only a woman who possessed a high status could di...

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