Chapter 641: Your Life Is Mine!

Chapter 641: Your Life Is Mine!

The frightening firestorm spread horizontally across the sky. Its hot temperature caused the air in this area to become extremely dry. Powerful fire ripples turned into a fire curtain that spread about, occupying over half of the space. This resulted in one’s vision becoming distorted and blurry at this moment.

Countless numbers of gazes were stunned as they watched the firestorm that swept across the sky. Despite being a great distance away, they still felt their legs become wobbly. If this kind of explosion had been a little lower, it was likely that this city would have turned into a graveyeard in an extremely short period of time!

The strong from both sides who had been engaging in an intense great battle in the sky earlier had all descended from the sky in panic. Staying high in the sky during this period of time when even the natural energy had become violent was an extremely foolish thing. Once one was struck by the firestorm… one’s fate would be extremely miserable.

“This Xiao Yan fellow… is really becoming more and more frightening.” Lin Yan wiped the perspiration on his face while standing on the peak of a mountain as he spoke with a bitter smile to Lin Xiuya and Liu Qing by the side. The three of them were currently Elders of the Inner Academy. Therefore, they would naturally be involved in such a large scale battle. The three of them had joined hands to hold back an elite Dou Huang earlier. Although they ended up in a miserable state by the sharp attacks of the latter, they had successfully ended up delaying him.

Lin Xiuya and Liu Qing sighed and nodded while sharing the same feeling when they heard Lin Yan’s bitter laugh. It had only been a short two years, but the new student who had to call them senior when they met back then already possessed the strength to contend head-on with a top expert of the ‘Black-Corner Region’. Such a transformation really caused people to sigh emotionally. Liu Qing possessed an extremely deep feeling toward this. Back then, Xiao Yan had gone all out to fight until he was seriously injured and unconscious in the arena battle back then only to end up with a situation in which both of them were defeated with serious injuries. From the looks of things now… it was likely that Xiao Yan would be able to easily finish him off within five exchanges…

Liu Qing also let out a bitter laugh when he thought of this. His heart could not help but utter a word of submission to Xiao Yan. Such a frightening training speed already had nothing to do with training talent. It was completely decided by one’s lucky opportunities…

Xiao Li’s figure rushed out on a treetop not far from the three of them. His expression was a little worried as he watched the firestorm that had basically covered the entire sky. Even though he had confidence in Xiao Yan, he could not help but feel uneasy in the face of such a frightening energy collision. After all, that Han Feng was not an ordinary person. During the two years he had muddled along within the ‘Black-Corner Region’, he had been repeatedly inquiring about information on the ‘Black Alliance’. However, he had never received the slightest news that Han Feng was about to enter the Dou Zong class. However, the true strength that the latter was currently displaying really caused most people to be shocked.

“Xiao-yan-zi, you better be alright. Otherwise, how can I have the face to see your big brother.” Xiao Li rubbed his hands together. He could only pray that Xiao Yan would have sufficient luck to escape from the firestorm at this moment.

A countless number of gazes relaxed when they raised their heads to see the firestorm that spread through the sky was some distance away now that they had fled from it. Private conversations quietly sounded. Clearly, everyone wanted to know whether it would be Xiao Yan or Han Feng who would be the one to successfully flee this firestorm.

The spreading firestorm finally began to gradually disappear in front of numerous gazes after having spread an extremely great distance. However, there was still not the slightest activity of the two human figures within it.

The sky was void of activity, and the people on the ground did not dare to emit any loud sound. They looked at each other and their faces changed slightly. Did the both of them perish within the firestorm?

Su Qian did not blink his eyes as he stared at the middle of the firestorm in the sky. Despite his strength, he was totally unaware of the situation within it at this very moment. Therefore, he could do nothing other than pray.

While everyone was staring with expressions of loss, there was suddenly a rushing wind sound that appeared in the vast sky. A human figure immediately shot out explosively from the storm.

The human figure that had suddenly appeared immediately gathered the gazes of everyone present. Although the human figure was shooting out at a very fast speed, there were still some sharp-eyed people who could identify him. Immediately, joyous voices sounded.

“It’s the Alliance Head! He is alive!”

The tensed up faces of those from the ‘Black Alliance’ immediately became much more relax upon hearing these joyous cries. Some smiles faintly appeared on their faces. Since the last person who survived was Han Feng, it was likely that the Inner Academy would withdraw miserably with ashen faces. They would also have gained an additional capital to boost to the other factions in the ‘Black-Corner Region’. After all, which other factions within the ‘Black-Corner Region’ other than the ‘Black Alliance’ had managed to beat the Inner Academy?

The faces of those from the Inner Academy instantly became ugly compared to the pleased look of those from the ‘Black Alliance’. They clenched their teeth and the atmosphere appeared exceptionally pressuring due to the silence.

Xiao Li’s eyes had suddenly become completely red when he heard the loud cry of those from the ‘Black Alliance’. A savage killing intent slowly climbed onto his cold face. He had already decided in his heart. If any mishap were to happen to Xiao Yan, he would get Han Feng to pay a price in blood today even if he had to stake his life.

“Everyone, don’t act disorderly. There is something not quite right!” Su Qian’s cry suddenly sounded when everyone’s mood had sunk. They were somewhat stunned as they raised their heads, only to see that Su Qian was focused intently on Han Feng who was shooting down from the sky. Everyone’s gaze followed his to look over and they too sensed that something was wrong. Although Han Feng had escaped from the firestorm, the posture in which he landed on the ground seemed to be one where he fell from the sky after being violently kicked.


The sharp sound of rushing wind once again reverberated across the sky while everyone was feeling uncertain in their hearts. The firestorm that spread through the sky suddenly trembled. Immediately, a black figure rushed out from within it. The dark-green fire wings were exceptionally eye catching in the sky.

“It’s Xiao Yan! He hasn’t died!”

The Inner Academy’s experts who were dispirited immediately cheered when they saw those familiar fire wings.

The savageness on Xiao Li’s face slowly withdrew as he watched the familiar fire wings with a stunned expression. His heart finally sighed heavily as he bitterly laughed, “This fellow… really doesn’t allow one to relax.”

With the appearance of Xiao Yan’s figure, the originally proud and laughing people from the ‘Black-Corner Region’ became just like ducks with their throats pinched. Their laughter suddenly ceased, and the expressions on their faces appeared exceptionally comical.

The black figure’s jade-green wings flapped in the sky, and his body turned into a dark-green glow that swiftly shot down toward Han Feng who was falling rapidly to the ground. In the blink of an eye, the black figure appeared above Han Feng’s head in front of the shocked gazes of all the experts from the ‘Black-Corner Region’.

“Little bastard, you dare…”

Xiao Yan’s eyes stared intently at Han Feng whose internal Dou Qi was blocked because of the backlash from the flame. A dark-green flame wildly surged over his fist. The fist immediately contained an incomparably fierce force as it ruthlessly smashed into his chest!

“A traitor who betrays his teacher deserves to die!”

Xiao Yan’s furious roar reverberated unceasingly across the sky as his fist ruthlessly smashed down.


A low, deep sound from the contact of flesh was suddenly emitted across the sky, causing the hearts of a countless number of people to violently contract at this moment.


A mouthful of fresh, red blood was spat out of Han Feng’s mouth upon receiving such a heavy blow without any defenses. His body appeared to have become like a bird with its wings broken as it weakly fell to the ground. Finally, he heavily smashed into some plains just outside Feng City in front of a countless number of shocked gazes.

Xiao Yan’s face was covered with fresh blood. His chest rose and fell rapidly as his wings flapped slightly. A weak feeling was repeatedly emitted from his body, indicating that he had already reached his limit.

Xiao Yan flapped the increasingly illusory wings on his back as his eyes stared intently at the unmoving Han Feng who had smashed into the ground, forming an enormous pit. He could sense that the latter’s breath might be extremely weak, but had not completely disappeared.

Xiao Yan clenched his teeth ruthlessly as he shook his hand. An enormous Heavy Xuan Ruler flashed and appeared. His hands held it tightly as he flapped the wings on his back. He circulated the little remaining Dou Qi in his body and shot explosively toward Han Feng, who was lying on the ground with his last lingering breath. The aim was to give the latter a finishing blow!

“Save the Alliance Head!”

Xiao Yan’s action were instantly sensed by the experts from the ‘Black-Corner Region’. Their faces immediately changed drastically as a stern cry immediately sounded. They clearly understood the importance of Han Feng to the ‘Black Alliance’. If they lost Han Feng, it was likely that the large alliance would collapse!

“Stop them!”

Su Qian let out a cold cry the moment the experts from the ‘Black-Corner Region’ moved. All the Inner Academy Elders who had long been waiting for an order immediately moved. They formed a human wall outside of Feng City. Numerous powerful auras rose and forced back those people from the ‘Black-Corner Region’ who were attempting a rescue.

Xiao Yan flashed and appeared just a couple of dozen feet above Han Feng’s head by relying on the blocking action performed by the Elders of the Inner Academy. He raised his heavy ruler high above his head and did not hesitate as he used the most vicious method to smash it at Han Feng’s head. That momentum was such that if it struck, it was likely that Han Feng would die on the spot despite his strength!

“Tsk tsk, Han Feng was indeed right. Yao Sheng’s spiritual body is indeed in this little fellow’s body!”

A ghastly strange laugh suddenly sounded in the sky the moment the heavy ruler smashed down. Immediately, a cluster of black fog strangely surfaced on the plains.


The black fog had just appeared when a dark-black chain that contained a deep luster suddenly shot out from the black fog. The metal chain’s speed was extremely frightening. It was not far from Xiao Yan in an instant. The end of the metal chain was as sharp as a blade, and an unusual cold glint faintly seeped out from it.

At this moment, Xiao Yan had also ran out of steam. Swinging the ruler and unleashing his final attack toward Han Feng had already completely exhausted all his strength. Hence, he actually did not have the slightest strength to dodge the metal chain that was shooting toward him!

Xiao Yan turned his head with great difficulty. The thing that was imprinted in his eyes was that a somewhat unusual black, enormous metal chain…

“This is… those fellows from the ‘Hall of Souls’?” The cluster of black fog shaped like a human figure was similar to what he had seen in the ‘Great Plains of the Black-Corner Region’ swiftly flashed across his mind. This attacking method and the person in front of him were nearly identical!

The dark-black metal chain did not stop because Xiao Yan had guessed its identity. That cluster of black fog was extremely vicious in its attack. Hence, it had unleashed a killing move the moment it attacked! If this chain were to strike Xiao Yan’s body, it was likely that his life would be immediately taken!

“It is really unexpected… that I will end up dying in the hands of these fellows.” Xiao Yan sighed with extreme fatigue in his heart. A bitterness seeped out from the corner of his mouth as he slowly shut his eyes. In this kind of situation, even Su Qian would not be able to save him in time…


“Your life is mine!”

The chain arrived quickly. However, just as it was about to penetrate Xiao Yan’s heart, an ice-cold, numbing voice could suddenly be heard behind his ear. Immediately, a delicate, gentle, boneless-like hand surfaced in a strange manner and grabbed the chain firmly!

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