Chapter 637: Fire Lotus Bottle

Chapter 637: Fire Lotus Bottle

The anxious swords-drawn atmosphere suddenly erupted following Han Feng’s voice.


The Gold Silver Brothers were the first to move. Powerful Dou Qi entwined together and the two human figures appeared to have been merged as they turned into a ray of light that shot explosively toward Su Qian. Their bodies drew through the sky as waves of low, deep sonic booms were emitted. These two old fellows were the strongest within this chaotic ‘Black-Corner Region’. Naturally, they had some ability that ordinary people could not compare with. Such a momentum was comparable to that of an ordinary Dou Zong.

Su Qian laughed coldly as he saw that the Gold Silver Brothers had a clear target. During these two years, he had fought with these two fellows no less than ten times. Although the two of them could rely on their extremely great collaboration to fight with him, this was only a temporary thing. He had the confidence that as long as no one intervened in the middle of the fight, he would definitely be able to finish off these two old fellows.

Su Qian’s somewhat shriveled hand extended out from his sleeves. His gaze was once again thrown toward Xiao Yan as he spoke in a deep voice, “I will leave Han Feng to you…”...

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