Chapter 635: Collision Between The Strong

Chapter 635: Collision Between The Strong

Wave after wave of rushing wind sounds cut through the distant sky. A large group of little black dots swiftly appeared before finally turning into numerous human figures rushing past. The pressuring wind that was created from the fast speed caused numerous scar-like gullys to appear within the sea of trees in the mountains below. Moreover, the auras that were emitted from such a large number of experts caused all the Magical Beasts within this mountain range to softly whimper in fear. Even some of those powerful high ranked Magical Beasts did not dare be too active at this moment. Being in possession of a faint intelligence, they clearly knew that such a large aura was enough to destroy the entire mountain range.

“We are about to reach the headquarters of the ‘Black Alliance’, Feng City. Everyone, be careful!”

An elderly voice suddenly sounded beside everyone’s ears as they flew through the sky.

“Be careful. Feng City is currently the city where the ‘Black Alliance’ has the tightest defenses. We have exchanged blows with them quite a number of times during these two years.” Xiao Yan’s gaze was looking toward the edge of the mountain range when a...

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