Chapter 634: Arrival of the Great Battle

Chapter 634: Arrival of the Great Battle

Black-Corner Region, Feng City.

The current Feng City had transformed immensely during these short two years. This was because Han Feng had established the ‘Black Alliance’ and had situated its headquarters in this city. This caused this small city to become a renowned city within the ‘Black-Corner Region’. The current Feng City’s size and businesses were all far from what they could be compared with two years ago.

A grand mansion stood in the large area in the middle of the city. That majestic overbearing aura was something that not a single building within the city could exceed. Of course, being the place where all the strong people within the ‘Black Alliance’ discussed issues and the home of Han Feng, it was likely that not a single person within the city possess the courage to exceed it.

The current Han Feng had already become the overlord of this place. His status was as solid as rock under the great reputation of the ‘Black Alliance’. No one in the entire ‘Black-Corner Region’ dared to provoke him.

There were quite a number of human figures sitting within the extremely spacious hall of the mansion. The person who was seated in the highest...

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