Chapter 632: Life Devouring Pill

Chapter 632: Life Devouring Pill

The pressure on the mountain stockade was immediately reduced when the troops from the ‘Black Alliance’ scattered in defeat. The large intense battle had ended in an anticlimactic way with Xiao Yan’s imposing pressure. It must be said that the strength of a ‘Heavenly Flame’ was really too terrifying.

Of course, to be precise, it was the special effect of this ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ to summon heart flames that was too terrifying. The moment he summoned the heart flame against an opponent who was stronger or similar in strength as him, he might not be able to cause them to self-ignite, but he would be able to distract while they attempted to suppress it. This way, their fighting strength would be slightly weakened. If he were to meet an opponent who was much weaker than him, the heart flame would become the lock that took their lives. Those people from the ‘Black Alliance’ who self-ignited and turned into ashes were the best example.

The threat to the stockade was resolved as the troops from the ‘Black Alliance’ scattered in retreat. Many black figures flashed and appeared from the stockade, and began to clean up the messiness following the great ba...

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