Chapter 626: Gathering Helpers

Chapter 626: Gathering Helpers

Xiao Yan’s expression was somewhat gloomy as he walked out from the meeting room. He lifted his head only to see that Lin Yan was standing not far away. The gloominess on his face was slowly withdrawn as he smiled toward the latter.

“It is really unexpected that you actually remained in the Inner Academy.” Xiao Yan slowly walked forward and spoke with a smile.

“Didn’t I say back then that I wanted to follow you to the Jia Ma Empire?” Lin Yan smiled and shrugged his shoulders. He had become much more mature compared to two years ago. Quite a lot of his original impulsiveness had also disappeared.

Xiao Yan was startled. His face immediately became gentle as he smiled. It was really unexpected that Lin Yan had actually remembered those words back then. This caused Xiao Yan to be moved on top of being surprised.

“You can rest assured that once some of the things here are settled, I will return to the Jia Ma Empire. I will definitely bring you along at that time.” Xiao Yan laughed before turning his gaze over to Lin Yan’s body. He smiled and said, “Looks like you have also been doing quite well during these two years. You have even broken through to become an elite Dou Wang.”

“Ugh, how can I compare with an abnormal...

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