Chapter 624: Bane Existence

Chapter 624: Bane Existence

This scene caused surprise to surface on the face of even Su Qian who had long since sensed that Xiao Yan’s strength had already reached an extremely powerful level…

The dark-green flame on Xiao Yan’s hand swiftly disappeared amid the complete silence of the place. He smiled and spoke to Lin Xiuya whose entire body remained stiff, “Lin Xiuya, thanks for the win.”

Lin Xiuya carefully shifted his head away and let out a bitter laugh. Although that dark-green flame did not touch his skin, he could sense that if Xiao Yan’s hand had moved just a little bit closer, it was likely that he would have been instantly burned into a pile of ashes by that frightening flame.

“You… are too abnormal. After not seeing you for two years, you have actually become this strong.” Lin Xiuya scattered the Dou Qi on his body and sighed. Originally, he had thought that his training speed was not bad, but it was unexpected that he had merely lasted one exchange in Xiao Yan’s hand. This had caused him to be somewhat dispirited.

“I had merely used the advantages of the ‘Heavenly Flame’. Senior Lin need not belittle...

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