Chapter 622: Breaking Through the Tower and Escaping

Chapter 622: Breaking Through the Tower and Escaping

Today was an extremely lively day within the Inner Academy. According to tradition, the Inner Academy would organize an activity each month where all the students would enter the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’ to train. The students greatly supported such an activity. This was because there was no need to pay any ‘Fire Energy’ to enter the tower to train for this single day. Today was coincidentally, the day of the monthly collective training.

Xiao Yan had also heard of such an activity while he was in the academy in the past. However, he had seldom participated in it. This was because he did not need to worry about the problem of ‘Fire Energy’ given his extremely wealthy status. Naturally, he did not need to go and fight with so many people for a training room.

Following the change in the policy of the Inner Academy during these two years, the number of people in the Inner Academy had gradually greatly increased. Hence, the crowd in the Inner Academy was naturally not something that could be compared with the past.

Due to this, there were groups that began coming one after another to the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’ not longer after the morning bell rang. By the time the sun was hanging in the...

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