Chapter 621: Breaking the Seal

Chapter 621: Breaking the Seal

This was an extremely dense forest. Although there was occasionally some light that seeped through the gaps and scattered into it, it was still difficult to expel that darkness within the forest. It was likely that the pressuring atmosphere would be difficult for one to endure when one walked in such a place.

A wave of hurried footsteps suddenly sounded within the quiet forest. Immediately, a large group of indistinct black figures appeared at a corner of the forest. These black figures walked extremely quietly and were clearly extremely experienced old hands. While they walked, their gazes were cautiously sweeping over the surrounding dark corners. In this ‘Black-Corner Region’ one must alway place the word ‘cautious’ in one’s heart at all times, regardless of one’s identity. Something like a boat sinking in a drain happened almost everyday. If one wanted to live longer, one must always maintain a cautious state.

TL: boat sinking in a drain - something that is impossible or not suppose to happen


A dried branch on the ground where a human figure landed suddenly cracked as they walked. The clear sound reverberated throughout the quiet forest, and was exceptionally ear-piercing.

The walking figures suddenly stopped because of this sound. Their leader...

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