Chapter 621: Breaking the Seal

Chapter 621: Breaking the Seal

This was an extremely dense forest. Although there was occasionally some light that seeped through the gaps and scattered into it, it was still difficult to expel that darkness within the forest. It was likely that the pressuring atmosphere would be difficult for one to endure when one walked in such a place.

A wave of hurried footsteps suddenly sounded within the quiet forest. Immediately, a large group of indistinct black figures appeared at a corner of the forest. These black figures walked extremely quietly and were clearly extremely experienced old hands. While they walked, their gazes were cautiously sweeping over the surrounding dark corners. In this ‘Black-Corner Region’ one must alway place the word ‘cautious’ in one’s heart at all times, regardless of one’s identity. Something like a boat sinking in a drain happened almost everyday. If one wanted to live longer, one must always maintain a cautious state.

TL: boat sinking in a drain - something that is impossible or not suppose to happen


A dried branch on the ground where a human figure landed suddenly cracked as they walked. The clear sound reverberated throughout the quiet forest, and was exceptionally ear-piercing.

The walking figures suddenly stopped because of this sound. Their leader was a black-robed person. His gaze was dark and stern as it cut his companion who had stepped on the broken twig. He waved his hand and was about to instruct the group to continue advancing when his ear suddenly picked up the sound of some leaves moving. His face immediately changed as he cried out sternly, “Be careful!”

“Xiu! Xiu!”

His cry had just sounded when arrows suddenly came shooting out from the dark-black forest in all directions, attacking this group until its formation was in complete disarray. The surrounding trees suddenly shook after the rain of arrows. Immediately, numerous similar black-robed people rushed out in a lightning-like manner. Finally, they raised their shiny blades. They did not say any nonsense. Only a dark, cold killing intent which filled the dense forest was present.

“Be careful, fight them!”

The heart of that black-robed leader immediately sank upon seeing the black figure unit that had attacked without the slightest noise, and whose bodies were filled with an extremely dense bloody scent. At a glance, one could tell that such a well-trained unit frequently muddled along on the edge of a blade and was extremely experienced. Moreover, from the looks of the speed in which these black figures rushed, it was clear that their strength was quite great. Just which faction did such a powerful strength belong to?

These black figures were extremely quick and agile. In only a couple of flashes, they directly pierced the formation of those black-robed figures like a blade. The blade contained a cold glint, and a low, deep sound would appear each time it cut past some flesh. This sound caused the leader’s heart to sink further.

The leader drew his weapon from his waist and forced back a couple of black figures which had shot over silently. However, the price he paid was a cut between his thumb and his forefinger, resulting in his hand being filled with blood. Taking the opportunity to withdraw, his gaze swept over his unit which had suffered serious deaths and injuries within less than a minute. Shock immediately flashed across his eyes as he put up a brave front and cried out, “You even dare to touch someone from the ‘Black Alliance’. Are you seeking death?”

In the face of his cry, the reply he received was a couple of blades that contained traces of blood.

This black-robed leader’s body rolled on the ground in a miserable manner. His feet stomped on the ground and he remained close to the ground as he shot out of the forest in an explosive manner. That speed was extremely quick. Even those black figures behind him could not catch up.

The instant the black-robed figure was about to flee from the forest, a bloody wind suddenly sounded beside his ear. Immediately, his back sunk as a ferocious force came diving down, and peremptorily smashed the former violently to the ground.


The black-robed person could not resist spitting out a mouthful of fresh blood after receiving such a heavy blow. He turned his head with much difficulty only to see a human figure whose entire body was wrapped in a large, black robe.

“The ‘Black Alliance’ will not let all of you off!” The black-robed person spat out a mouthful of blood and spoke in a dark manner.

“The number of people from the ‘Black Alliance’ who have died in my hands is already in the triple digits.” A voice that contained a dense bloody scent was slowly emitted from the black robes. Immediately, he gently pressed his feet down, and a force surged out before smashing the back of the black-robed man, killing him with one strike.

While the black figure kicked the dead black-robed man aside, another black figure swiftly leaped forward before searching the body of the black-robed man. A moment later, he took out a letter from the former’s chest pocket and respectfully handed it to the mysterious person beside him whose entire body contained a dense bloody scent.

The black-robed mysterious man tore opened the envelope and slowly opened the letter. A moment later, he laughed in a dark, cold voice, “It is really unexpected that even the ‘Wild Lion Gang’ has joined the ‘Black Alliance’. Have their arms already been extended to this place?”

“During these two years, experts from the Jia Nan Academy have repeatedly come out to search and find trouble with those experts who participated in the ambush of the Jia Nan Academy back then. In order to fight the Jia Nan Academy, that Han Feng founded the ‘Black Alliance’. Now, the strength of the ‘Black Alliance’ is growing even larger. Even the Jia Nan Academy is unable to do anything to it. From the actions of Han Feng, I think that he intends to extend the ‘Black Alliance’ to the entire ‘Black-Corner Region’. Chief, they will discover that we are repeatedly finding trouble with them. From the looks of it, we should change our location again.” A black figure flashed and appeared. His voice was somewhat hoarse when he spoke.

“Yes.” The black-robed man whose entire body was filled with a bloody aura acknowledged what he said with a faint sound. He waved his hand and immediately walked toward the exit of the forest. The black figures within the darkness flashed behind him. At a rough glance, there seemed to be over a hundred people. These people were all quietly following behind the black-robed man a short distance behind him. Their footsteps seemed as though it came from a single individual.

The faint sunlight scattered down upon exiting the dark forest. The black-robed man raised his head and revealed a young familiar face filled with a ruthlessness. This person was shockingly Xiao Yan’s second older brother, Xiao Li.

At this moment, the entirety of Xiao Li’s body was filled with an extremely dense blood scent. His expression was indifferent and his eyes were void of emotion. Most importantly, the aura that was spread from his body was actually comparable to an expert Dou Wang. It was difficult to imagine that he was actually able to leap from the Da Dou Shi class to the Dou Wang class within two short years. However, if one were to carefully observe him, one would discover that there was actually a thread of death aura on Xiao Li’s forehead. It was somewhat strange that such a death aura had appeared on the face of such a young man. Perhaps, this might have some relation toward the swift rise in his strength.

“All of you should return back first.”

Xiao Li spoke faintly. Those hundred plus black figures behind him immediately nodded respectfully. Their bodies slowly withdrew into the darkness. Immediately, they completely vanished amid a slight sound.

The indifference on Xiao Li’s face finally relaxed slowly after everyone had completely disappeared. He turned his head slightly and his gaze looked toward the distant northern direction. That direction was where the Jia Nan Academy was located. It was there that Xiao Yan had turned into ashes.

Xiao Li felt a faint pain within his chest as he recalled the bright smiling brother of his. Before he came to the ‘Black-Corner Region’ his big brother Xiao Ding had said he can die but his third brother cannot! Only with the latter would the Xiao clan be saved. Now, however…

A beast-like fierce glow flashed within Xiao Li’s eyes. A moment later, a savage smile was lifted from the corner of his mouth as he spoke in a dense low voice, “Xiao-yan-zi, rest assured that second brother will not let off those fellows who caused you to die. I will kill all of them during my residual life!”

Dense laughter slowly reverberated. Xiao Li’s body, however, quietly disappeared like a ghost.

The deadly quiet magma world was still completely bright-red. The hot temperature caused this place to be a completely lifeless one!


The magma in this dead and silent world suddenly split apart. A wave of white fog rose and two figures rushed out explosively from within.

One of the figures was at the front while the other was at the back. At a glance, it looked like the one at the back was chasing after the one in front with the intention to kill. This was because numerous extremely powerful colorful energy pillars that carried extremely sharp killing intent shot out explosively during the chase. The human figure at the front was clearly extremely afraid of these colorful energy pillars. Even though his body was in an extremely miserable state, he still narrowly dodged them one after another.

The seven-colored energy that missed were shot into the magma world. Immediately, an earth-shaking explosion sound shot over the vast magma.

“Are you done or not? I am not arguing with you because you are a woman. Don’t blame me for turning against you if you continue to pester me!” That young man wearing a black robe narrowly dodged a sharp attack once again as he cried out furiously.

The bewitching beauty completely ignored the furious cries of this young man. Her cold and glamourous pretty face was filled with frost. Her eyes were filled with killing intent. From her manner, it appeared as though she had a feud with the former that was absolutely irreconcilable.

“I said that once I recovered my strength, the first thing I would do is tear you into ten thousand pieces!” The bewitching beauty clenched her silver teeth and spoke in a chilly voice.

“Big sister, I am also a victim. I was completely void of any sense of reasoning in that kind of situation. Please let me off. We can treat it as though nothing happened. I will definitely not tell anyone.” Xiao Yan’s face was filled with bitterness as he cupped his hands toward Queen Medusa and spoke.

“In your dreams!” Queen Medusa immediately became extremely furious upon hearing this. She waved her hand, and a seven-colored energy surged out explosively.

“Queen Medusa, don’t you dare go overboard. Don’t blame me for being insensitive if you continue!” Xiao Yan’s eyes stared furiously as he shook his hand. A dark-green flame that was just like a faint ghost flame surfaced on his palm. The magma world immediately began to become violent as the cluster of dark-green flame appeared. Magma began to churn before eventually stopping under Xiao Yan’s feet like ocean waves. At a glance, it looked as though Xiao Yan was walking on waves. However, this was no ocean wave, but a wave consisting of magma.

Even with Queen Medusa’s strength, her expression could not help but change upon seeing the uprising of the magma wave. She also clearly understood that this bastard in front of her had already subdued the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’. Fighting him in this environment would do her no good even though she had already recovered her strength to her peak. Moreover, she really had difficulty truly attacking Xiao Yan. She concluded that this should be some side effect from having merged with the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’. Otherwise, given her usual character, she would definitely tear this bastard, who had committed blasphemy toward her, even if she had to fight until both of them were seriously injured.

Xiao Yan only sigh in relief when he saw that Queen Medusa had become much quieter than before. He wiped off the perspiration on his forehead and smiled bitterly in his heart. Dammit. What damn thing had happened? He had actually in his muddiness took this beautiful snake…

“Let’s not continue to fight among ourselves now. You don’t wish to stay in such a place forever right?” Xiao Yan shrugged his shoulders toward Queen Medusa and pointed toward the top. “With your own strength, it would be somewhat difficult to break the seal. It should be much easier if we join hands. What do you say?”

A glint flickered in Queen Medusa’s eyes before she nodded with a cold face a moment later. She had already made up her mind. Once she left this damn place, she would definitely let this bastard pay the price for sullying her!

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