Chapter 620: The Sequelae From The Merger Of The Heavenly Flames

Chapter 620: The Sequelae From The Merger Of The Heavenly Flames

Jia Ma Empire, the west part of the capital.

An extremely large manor was sitting at this spot. The style of the manor was extremely similar to the position that the Primer clan held in the Jia Ma Empire.

A lady wearing a pale-purple robe was standing elegantly by the side of a quiet and clear lake deep within the manor. Although one could not see the lady’s face, just this back was sufficient to daydream about her elegance.

The sapphire-like eyes of the lady were a little absent-minded as she watched the sparkling light ripples on the lake. Her beautiful melon-shaped face was enchanting and moving. That lovely body, which was wrapped by a luxurious purple robe, protruded and concave in perfect proportions, emitting a matured and juicy allture.

“Ke ke, are you thinking of that little fellow?”

A teasing old voice suddenly sounded from behind her. The lady was startled as she hurriedly turned her head around. A faint flush surfaced on her face when she saw the smiling old man walking over. She spoke in a lovely annoyed voice, “Old Hai, you are teasing Ya Fei again.”

Hearing her address herself, this person was surprisingly Ya Fei who possessed quite a deep relationship with Xiao Yan back then. Turning one’s gaze to the blue-robed old man, his appearance was that of the battle companion of Xiao Yan back then. Ice Emperor, Hai Bodong!

Hai Bodong smiled and walked closer. His shriveled hand patted Ya Fei’s shoulders before he immediately stood...

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