Chapter 62: Slap

Chapter 62: Slap

Leaving the auction house, Xiao Yan wandered the streets for some time. When he saw that there weren’t too many people around him, he slipped into a nearby alley. Taking off his black cloak, Xiao Yan grumbled: “Teacher, you almost exposed me back there.”

“Hehe, what I just did; wasn’t that what your heart desires as well?” From the unadorned, pitch-black ring resounded an amused Yao Lao’s laugh.

These words caused Xiao Yan to helplessly shake his head, but it was true that he felt a bit apologetic towards his father. Twice he had auctioned some products and thus twice he had extorted money from Xiao Zhan. He kicked the cloak into the gutter, whispering: “I’ll make it up to him by finding an opportunity to collaborate with the Xiao Clan in the future. That should net him a bit of compensation.”

With prized ingredients in hand, Xiao Yan stuffed them inside his bosom. After exiting the alley, he practically flew back to the Xiao Clan’s residence.

Since Xiao Zhan and company weren’t back yet, the place felt kind of empty. The guards at the gate, seeing the Xiao Clan’s super-duper talented young master, didn’t dare obstruct him. Seeing their behavior, the young master flashed a smile and then dashed in.

With a vigorous dash, Xiao Yan arrived at his own room and took out the ingredients out of his bosom. He treated the ingredients as one would treasure. Cupping his hand, he scooped them out and placed them on the table.

The first was a withered yellow plant with five ink-black leaves. That was the Inkleaf Lotus; each leaf represented 10 years of age.

The Snake Venom Fruit was round and about as big as half a fist. If the dark-green fruit was put beneath the nose, one would smell a sweet and sour tanginess. The Snake Venom Fruit was quite rare, being found only near the lairs of 5th Rank or above snake magical beasts! Due to the fruit’s association with the snake, the fruit’s cold yin element was abundant and as a result, the fruit was frequently used as a mediator for the effects of a medicine.

TL: Yin and Yang, Yin is the “dark” side.

Spirit Gathering Grass, despite mostly looking like normal grass, had a small, yellow light at the tips. The stronger the light, the more pure the grass’ energy.

The Rank 2 Water Attribute Magic Core had a rich, azure-blue color. When put on the table, it not only moisturized the surrounding air but also drenched the table! Needless to say, the water property of the core was evident.

After his eyes swept across the ingredients once more, Xiao Yan used a low voice to impatiently ask: “Teacher, all the ingredients are present. Can we start refining?”

“Why are you so impatient, it’s not like the ingredients are going to sprout feet and run away. We can’t be interrupted while refining, it’s still light out. What if by some off-chance, somebody comes in and we’re interrupted? Someone would learn about me and the ingredients would go to waste.” Within the ring, Yao Lao rang out: “It’s better to refine at night.”

Hearing these words, Xiao Yan dejectedly shook his head and let out a sigh. What else could he do other than hide the ingredients in a cupboard, lie on his bed and wait for night to descend?

After lying for about half an hour, his door was abruptly kicked open with a “bang!”

A pair of sexy, slender legs walked in. Turns out it was Xiao Yu. She scanned the room and seeing that Xiao Yan was napping, she coldly injected: “Young master, dinner isn’t going to eat itself. Do you expect to receive an invitation or something?”

The process of Xiao Yan shifting from nap mode to full alert barely took a moment. Sitting upright on the bed, he looked dazedly at Xiao Yu and after quite a while, he broke into a cold sweat: “Damn it, damn it, good thing teacher didn’t start the refining process a while ago; this b*tch…”

Thinking about the “what if” situation caused Xiao Yan’s heart tremble; one could almost hear the “gulp” resounding from his throat. However, after shifting his gaze to Xiao Yu, he started to feel rage boil from within.

The corners of his mouth twitched, and then Xiao Yan took a long breath, finally calming down. As for the fear he felt a while ago, it was converted to fury: “Idiot, do you know what manners are? Are you smart enough to enter but too dumb to knock?! Where’s your upbringing?!”

This was the first time Xiao Yu saw an outwardly furious Xiao Yan and as a result she could only look on like an idiot. His stream of verbal abuse caused her charming face to ashen and at the same time she nipped her silver tooth. Then the pair of sexy legs moved, in fact charged, directly towards Xiao Yan: “Little bastard, I kicked your door down. So what? From now on I’ll be kicking it down every day!”

With Xiao Yu charging at him, wanting to teach him a lesson, Xiao Yan was ashen-faced as well. He lifted up his palm and clenched it: “Vacuum Palm!”

A strong suction force rushed towards Xiao Yan’s palm, causing the assaulter, who attempted to stop just in front of the bed to instead land on top of it.

After attaining 9 Duan Dou Qi, Xiao Yan’s Vacuum Palm’s suction strength increased by quite a bit. A few days ago, moving the body weight of a person was simply unfathomable, but now it was quite possible.

Although Xiao Yan was a bit surprised by the increase in efficacy, the feeling didn’t last long and quickly turned into indignation. With a flip of his body, he managed to subdue that pair of sexy legs and shortly after, he ruthlessly pressed his butt against her flat and smooth, jade-like underbelly and then quickly leaned over to press down both of his hands to restrain her hands.

Finding herself once again in such an embarrassing posture with Xiao Yan caused Xiao Yu to feel a bit dazed. After a moment, that attractive face flushed red in a most alluring fashion and a violent struggle ensued. Xiao Yu once again bit her silver tooth, cursing in a rage: “Little bastard, go away!”

Due to the struggle to lock her two palms in place, Xiao Yan’s also felt quite tired. At the start of another bout, he suddenly gave way and pulled Xiao Yu’s palm, causing her to flip over.

After the flip, Xiao Yu’s back was arched as her long legs stretched out over the bed.

But Xiao Yan wasn’t in the mood to check them out. He gnashed his teeth, raised up a hand, and without hesitation, slapped downwards


The crisp sound fluttered inside the room and then into oblivion.

“Learned your lesson yet? Don’t enter my room without knocking first!”

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