Chapter 619: Successful Merger!

Chapter 619: Successful Merger!

Translated By: Arron

Edited By: Comfortabull

The merger of the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ and the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’.

If he managed to successfully merge these two different kinds of flame, Xiao Yan’s strength would not only greatly soar, but the ‘Flame Mantra’ would also evolve by leaps and bounds. At that time, Xiao Yan’s fighting strength would once again make a great advancement.

However, if he were to fail, his fate would be even more miserable than the last time. It would not be overboard to describe it as beyond redemption.

The ‘Flame Mantra’ was able to gift people with the ability to control a few kinds of ‘Heavenly Flame’. Someone who had obtained such ability would also have to pay a price that was many times higher than an ordinary person…

The cream-colored flame was flowing fiercely in a torrent-like manner within his crystal clear Qi Paths. After having been completely refined by Xiao Yan, it appeared like an obedient baby that did not have the slightest resistance to his commands. It was totally void of the untamed manner it had possessed before.

Xiao Yan’s mind controlled the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ as it followed his Qi Paths and flowed about. After this continued for...

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