Chapter 618: Erode, Refine, Merge!

Chapter 618: Erode, Refine, Merge!

The ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ immediately unleashed a frightening temperature the moment it entered Xiao Yan’s body. Under this high temperature, Xiao Yan gradually became boiling hot, resulting in a searing pain despite having the protection of the strange fluorescent light and his ‘Heavenly Flame’. This essence of the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ may not be large, but it took shape only after accumulating for a countless number of years. Therefore, its temperature was extraordinary.

Despite the searing pain once again appearing within his body, it was not to an extent where it was impossible to endure after Xiao Yan had experienced the intense pain which was worse than death the last time. He forcefully stabilized his mind. Surging green flames flowed out from his body and immediately formed a dragnet shape before surrounding the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’, which was causing destruction within Xiao Yan’s body.

At this moment, the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ clearly still possessed its own awareness despite having been absorbed into Xiao Yan’s body. Hence, it was...

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