Chapter 612: Desperate Situation

Chapter 612: Desperate Situation

Pain was the thing that had caused Xiao Yan to wake up from his unconscious state. A searing, bone deep pain!

Xiao Yan opened his somewhat blurry eyes with difficulty. A bright redness that was like fresh blood was captured by his eyes. He slowly widened his eyes. Only then did he manage to clearly see that this bright redness was countless magma flows slowly drifting about.


Xiao Yan was startled for a moment, but then he suddenly became alert. With a sweep of his gaze, he was suddenly stunned to discover that his body was currently in the vast magma. Moreover, the position he was in was clearly deep within the magma. This was because no matter which direction he looked, all that he could see was bright-red magma.

Xiao Yan’s gaze looked all around him and immediately discovered that there was a cluster of invisible flame at a spot around ten feet away. A cluster of invisible flame was burning turbulently. Moreover he himself… appeared to be within the stomach of this invisible flame?

Xiao Yan shook his head with all his strength. His somewhat blurry head slowly recovered its sharpness. Only then did Xiao Yan clearly remember that he appeared to have been struck by the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ and subsequently lost his attention… then, where was this place?

“This is somewhere...

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