Chapter 611: Swallow, Seal!

Chapter 611: Swallow, Seal!


An enormous firestorm appeared just like a mushroom cloud as it suddenly surfaced in the sky. An earth-shaking explosion caused the ears of many to ring. That wild and violent heat that came spreading from the sky caused shock to surge onto the faces of everyone.

A human figure appeared to be like a ball that had been violently struck by a hammer the instant the green-white mushroom cloud surfaced as it shot down from the sky. Fresh bright-red blood splashed over the sky along the way, appearing like a fresh bloody rainbow.

The expressions on the faces of those experts from the ‘Black-Corner Region’ changed drastically as they watched the human figure that shot to the ground from the sky. Although that aura was currently extremely weak, it undoubtedly belonged to Han Feng.

Everyone looked at each other. Some cold perspiration seeped out from their forehead. Their gazes turned toward the other side of the sky. A black-colored figure was panting heavily there. The green fire wings on his back had become partially visible. Clearly, this was due to the interior of his body becoming weak.

“This fellow… actually defeated Han Feng?”

Everyone muttered to themselves. The shock in their tone was extremely obvious. Han Feng’s strength was already at the peak of the Dou Huang class. Additionally, he had the ‘Heavenly Flame’ to support him. He would at least have the ability to fight even when meeting with an extremely powerful early stage Dou Zong. Only the Gold Silver Brothers in the entire ‘Black-Corner Region’ could contend with him. Today, however, this expert who possessed an extremely great reputation in the ‘Black-Corner Region’ was defeated and reduced to such a miserable state by a young man who appeared to be only around twenty.

The entire place was completely silent. Just what kind of reputation...

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