Chapter 610: Large Scale Angry Buddha Lotus Flame

Chapter 610: Large Scale Angry Buddha Lotus Flame

The green-white lotus flame appeared to be cast of stone. It was crystal clear and extremely beautiful. However, under this beautiful exterior hid a strength that caused even an expert of Su Qian’s class to feel a great fear for it!

The green-white lotus flame was suspended at a spot around half an inch above his palm, rotating slowly. The latter watched this beautiful fire lotus that was as perfect as artistic work, and the redness on his face quietly became much paler.

The large scale Angry Buddha Lotus Flame was Xiao Yan’s final trump card. This trump card was something that he would never use unless it was a life or death situation. This time around the killing intent within Xiao Yan’s heart when faced with this ‘Senior,’ who had once caused Yao Lao an immense amount of damage, was not any weaker than the killing intent the latter felt toward Xiao Yan. The usually calm and kind Yao Lao would become extremely solemn, dark and chilly each time he heard this name. Xiao Yan could even guess just how agitated the hidden Yao Lao’s heart was when Xiao Yan had faced off against Han Feng earlier. Given Yao Lao’s calm character,...

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