Chapter 609: Terrified

Chapter 609: Terrified

The dark, cold killing intent that suddenly filled the sky also caused the expressions of quite a number of people to change. Although they were uncertain about what had exactly happened, it was clear by looking at Han Feng’s appearance that he had truly formed the thought that Xiao Yan must be killed.

Su Qian waved his sleeves and forced back the Gold Silver Brothers who were pouncing over like vicious wolves. He tilted his head and watched the black-robed, young man in the air and a strange feeling flashed across his eyes. “This feeling…”

“Xiao Yan, hold him off for a while. I will come and help you after finishing off these two old fellows.” Su Qian’s eyes gradually recovered after a flicker gradually flashed past it. His loud laughter resounded through the sky.

“Ke ke, First Elder need only deal with them. Xiao Yan is not that weak.” Xiao Yan cupped his hands toward Su Qian as he laughed out loud.

“Hee hee, you got guts. Everyone has underestimated you, little fellow.” Su Qian laughed in a manner that suggested the presence of a deeper meaning before Dou Qi erupted from Su Qian’s body in all directions. He immediately watched the serious faces of the Gold Silver Brothers with an icy-cold expression....

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