Chapter 605: Fighting With Fire!

Chapter 605: Fighting With Fire!

A colorful energy pillar appeared like a rainbow that drew across the sky. It carried traces of slightly shaken space as it violently collided with the large body of the invisible fire python. The energy explosion was like brilliant fireworks that were projected from the fire python’s body.

The frightening attack that gathered the full offensive strength of all the experts in the ‘Black-Corner Region’ was something that even Su Qian would not dare receive. Therefore, despite the great strength of the invisible python, its enormous body also swiftly descended under this violent collision. A furious hissing sound pierced everyone’s ears as it resounded in the sky.

A joyful expression was contained on the faces of all the experts from the ‘Black-Corner Region’ as they watched the invisible fire python being forced back. However, that joy had yet to spread when an even more terrifying and hotter energy wave suddenly surged from below.

They lowered their heads in shock, only to see the enormous body of that invisible fire python appearing in their eyes in a lightning-like manner. Its large, triangular eyes contained a hot temperature that appeared to have the intention of melting all those people who had blocked it.

“Stop it!”

Han Feng’s expression changed a little as he let...

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