Chapter 602: Extermination

Chapter 602: Extermination

The sound of rushing wind, that was brought about by the human figures flashing about, sounded repeatedly in the blue sky. The energy explosions were like that of firecrackers sounding again and again. Powerful energy ripples were something that one could still vaguely sense despite being over fifty meters away.

Most of the Inner Academy was currently destroyed by the remnant waves that had spread out from the fight. This caused some of the Inner Academy students to have little choice but to move to an even further place to avoid the remnant ripples.

While they withdrew, numerous gazes focused intently on the great chaotic battle in the sky. Most of the gazes carried a wild heat and excitement as they paused on a certain battleground. At this place, a young figure had erupted recklessly. His opponent, an expert Dou huang who had quite the reputation within the ‘Black-Corner Region,’ had fallen into a disadvantage, and appeared extremely miserable.

“Looks like Xiao Yan is about to win.” Liu Qing’s gaze was shining as he watched those two vague human figures from the top of a building. The shock in his voice was not the least bit concealed.

A beautiful figure stood prettily behind...

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