Chapter 601: Similar Thought

Chapter 601: Similar Thought


The rolling thunder-like explosion that caused mountains to collapse and the land to split suddenly resounded in the distant sky. At that instant, countless people had their ears temporarily deafened under this thunderous sound.

A tornado-like energy ripple erupted from the point of contact between the green-colored energy pillar and the blood-colored energy under the clear sky before sweeping through the entire place as a countless number of shocked gazes watched.

The space became unbearably distorted at the point where the energy came into contact. Deep folds could be clearly seen. This collision of the full forced attack between Xiao Yan and Fan Lao had even caused space itself to be blasted apart. The collision between Dou Huangs was actually this frightening.

The energy storm that was filled with green-colored flame and blood-colored energy was hundreds of feet wide. It appeared like an enormous person that stood between the heavens and earth. As the storm churned violently, the destructive force it emitted also caused the expressions of the numerous strong people in the sky to involuntarily change.

The bottom of the energy storm was connected to the Inner Academy. Countless numbers of buildings...

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