Chapter 60: Ingredients Obtained

Chapter 60: Ingredients Obtained

Seeing that the auction was about to end, Xiao Yan found an excuse to sneak away.

After carefully leaving the auction floor, Xiao Yan walked along a nearby street for a little bit. He made his way towards a secluded corner and donned the big, black cloak he had previously purchased. Wrapping himself up in the bulky cloak inhibited his movements, so he could only slowly return to the auction floor.

Ever since Ya Fei had identified him as a 4th tier alchemist, she had stationed an informant on the auction floor to watch for any signs of the mysterious man... Consequently, as soon as Xiao Yan arrived, there was already a delicate and pretty maiden that had been waiting who led him to the back and carefully waited on him.

Silently sitting in his chair, Xiao Yan lifted the teacup on the table to his lips and took a sip. He took a quick glimpse at the timid maiden next to him and faintly nodded his head. The voice of an old man could be heard even though Xiao Yan’s lips never moved: “How much longer until the auction ends?”

“Ah!” The sudden question made the maiden jump. Xiao Yan, enshrouded behind a large black cloak, was given a concealed look by the girl. She then, with a pale face, tightly clenched her small hands and nervously replied., “Sir, the auction has already ended; Ya Fei is handling the transfer procedure.”

Xiao Yan couldn't help but feel puzzled when he saw the maiden; she looked like a startled hare. He wasn’t that scary, was he? Reluctant to accept that possibility, he shook his head and continued in silence.

Standing to the side with her head bowed, the girl looked at the once again silent Xiao Yan and secretly let out a breath. She had been warned by Master Gu Ni, when she had taken on this task, to never hesitate to satisfy any request this mysterious person may have –even if that request was to do something ‘extra’.

Having worked at the auction floor for a year, the young girl obviously understood what these ‘extra tasks’ would require. This was why, everytime Xiao Yan spoke, she would shiver from head to toe. She was afraid that this mysterious man might request one of those… ‘extra tasks’.

The girl stood trembling for about 10 minutes, after which footsteps could be heard outside the door. She was finally able to relax a little bit.

“Oh, sir, you arrived really early. Xue Li should’ve entertained you properly right?” Ya Fei’s serpentine waist swayed and she released an alluring demeanor as she slowly walked into the room. Her curvy figure could make men with little self-control feel fiery impulses.

“Succubus…” His heart once again cried out. Xiao Yan withdrew backwards, and lightly nodded.

Watching Xiao Yan nod, the maiden standing to the side once again released a breath. She respectfully bowed and quickly left.

Seeing that Xiao Yan’s appearance had no trace of dissatisfaction, Ya Fei felt relieved. She gave him a smile that contained heaven’s charm.

Her smile gave Xiao Yan an electrifying jolt. When interacting with this enchantress, Xiao Yan didn’t dare let down his guard. Under the cloak, he stroked the unadorned black ring, hurriedly handing over the responsibility of speaking to Yao Lao.

“Has the auction ended?”

“Yes.” Ya Fei wore a smiling expression as she nodded her snow white chin. Ya Fei waved her hand and a light blue jade card appeared in her hand. She laughed, “Sir, these 7 foundation elixirs, all together auctioned off for 285,000 gold coins. After deducting taxes, the rest of the money is on this card.”

Xiao Yan reached forward and took the card. It rested comfortably in his hand and was clearly expensive to make. He lightly caressed the jade card and nodded.

Looking at the pair of young and fair palms, Ya Fei once again had a strange feeling.

“This price is beyond my expectations. I am very satisfied...”

Yao Lao’s voice made Ya Fei feel pleased. She quickly discarded any strange thoughts. Staring with her alluring eyes, she pursed her rosy lips and laughed, “If you still want to auction medicine later, please come to the Primer Auction House; we will definitely strive to get you the best price.”

Nodding his head, Xiao Yan put away the jade card. After a slight hesitation, Yao Lao’s voiced inquired, “The ingredients I requested, did you find them?”

Her long and narrow eyebrows bent in a beautiful arc, Ya Fei lightly laughed. The lovable tone made Xiao Yan feel somewhat pleasantly surprised.

“Yes, our auction house naturally fulfilled your request.”

Ya Fei clapped her hands, and Gu Ni personally stepped forward holding a jade plate. Then he stopped by Xiao Yan’s side and bowed. He carefully placed the jade plate onto the table and laughed, “Sir, the ingredients you have requested are all here.”

Xiao Yan’s eyes lit up in happiness when he looked at the plate full of ingredients beside him. This auction house’s power was nothing small. If he were to try and buy these ingredients himself, he would have wasted a lot of time and energy. But here, this auction house was able to gather everything in a single day. This left Xiao Yan overjoyed at his unexpected fortune.

“Hmm, sorry for the trouble…” Seeing all the materials for Qi Refining Powder gathered, even Yao Lao’s indifferent voice grew a little soft.

Having interacted with many people at the auction floor for many years, Ya Fei was naturally able to distinguish Yao Lao’s softer tone. She was pleasantly surprised. This transaction was the right decision!

“I don’t want to take advantage of you. The money for these ingredients; subtract it from this card.”

Seeing that Xiao Yan was about to bring out the card again, Ya Fei immediately laughed, “Sir, we obtained these ingredients internally. The price is much cheaper compared to what you would find outside. Your two auctions gained a lot of reputation for our auction house. How could we dare take money for these things?”

“Fine, let’s do it your way. If I need more ingredients in the future, I will exchange pills with you.” Nodding his head, the astute Yao Lao understood that she wanted to create a good relationship. Not wanting to argue with her, Xiao Yan carefully picked up the jade plate and stored its contents away.

“Okay, I have other business to attend to and will not stay any longer.”

Seeing that everything had been stored, Xiao Yan stood up. He shook his hands and headed directly outside.

“Sir, Ya Fei will accompany you.” Ya Fei winked at Gu Ni. The two of them stepped forward to lead the way.

Xiao Yan followed these two auction managers who graciously led the way and walked out of the back room. He raised his head and slowed down.

As they were leaving the back room, a group of three people across the auction floor also emerged. Sweeping his eyes over the three people, Xiao Yan couldn’t help but nervously tug on his cloak. He realized that the person in the middle was his father Xiao Zhan.

“Please don’t let him see me…” Prayed Xiao Yan.

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