Chapter 599: Sea Heart Flame

Chapter 599: Sea Heart Flame

The green flame curled over the sky. Waves of distortion appeared in the air wherever one looked. A great heat spread through the air and was transmitted, covering the entire Inner Academy within it.

Numerous gazes from the ground were stunned as they watched the green-colored flame that was curling out like a burning grassland. They could not help but wipe their cold sweat away. Such a frightening imposing feeling was indeed a little too terrifying.

The middle of where the green flame spread was a cluster of bloody sea that was merely ten feet wide. At this moment, the sea of blood that was originally expanding in an extremely domineering manner had swiftly begun to curl up under the frightening temperature of the surrounding flames. Waves of pale-blood fog repeatedly seeped out from within it before turning into nothingness.

The surface of the sea of blood slowly shrank under the repeatedly rising blood fog. According to this speed, it was likely that the surroundings would be completely vaporized by the sea of fire.

“Heavenly Flame?” The sky immediately emitted numerous extremely shocked cries as the green-colored flame curled toward the sky. The gazes of some people immediately turned involuntarily...

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