Chapter 598: Green Flame Everywhere!

Chapter 598: Green Flame Everywhere!

The sudden appearance of a powerful aura that was not the slightest bit weaker than an elite in the Dou Huang class not only caused the countless of students in the distance to be stunned, but even the chaotic battlefield in the sky had appeared slightly silent because of it.

Numerous gazes swept toward the area where the aura erupted. Many experts were startled when they saw the source of the aura. Upon seeing Fan Lao who was facing the source on the opposite side, their expression became different. The faces of those who regarded Han Feng as the leader immediately became ugly. At this moment when they were evenly matched, the impact an elite Dou Huang possessed was quite great. One could even say that it could decide the final victor...

Su Qian, Hu Gan, and the other experts within the Inner Academy may be stunned at Xiao Yan who had suddenly erupted, but the majority of their feelings were of joy… At this moment, Xiao Yan was undoubtedly a reinforcement who had made an extremely timely appearance. With his help, their side of the battleground would be able to have at least one less expert Dou Huang. This would undoubtedly greatly reduce the pressure that the Elders ...

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