Chapter 594: Incomplete Flame Mantra

Chapter 594: Incomplete Flame Mantra

The laughter that had suddenly appeared above caused the cheer that had resounded over the place to suddenly stop. Countless numbers of students watched the large group of people who had appeared in the sky in a stunned manner, and were somewhat unable to make heads or tails of the situation.

In the sky, Su Qian’s expression was dark and solemn as he glared at the group of people, who had appeared by breaking through the mirror. His gaze slowly paused on the man who was wearing an alchemist robe at the front. His eyes immediately began to slowly narrow as he coldly laughed, “I thought I recognized you. It is actually the medicinal emperor Han Feng from the ‘Black-Corner Region’.”

“Ke ke, First Elder is too courteous. That name is something that was randomly given to me by my friends from the ‘Black-Corner Region’. I am really not worthy of it.” The thin lips of the man who was addressed as Han Feng carried a slight smile as he spoke to Su Qian.

“Han Feng, this is a place that belongs to my Jia Nan Academy. What are all of you planning to do by coming uninvited?” Hu Gan’s expression had similar appeared quite ugly because of the appearance of...

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