Chapter 593: Joining Hands to Seal!

Chapter 593: Joining Hands to Seal!

The appearance of Hu Gan and the others were undoubtedly reinforcements, causing the state of the Elders, who had already reached their limits, to be bolstered.

“Everyone listen up, exchange spots with a couple of the Elders!” Hu Gan waved his hand at the large group of people who had instantly flashed and appeared in the sky outside of the energy barrier. Immediately, over ten experts that had hurried over from the Outer Academy flew up. They successfully received the task of maintaining the energy barrier with great cooperation.

The few Elders also sighed in relief when the heavy burden was received. They cupped their hands toward Hu Gan and the others with gratitude before flying down from the sky and sitting crossed legged on the ground in order to swiftly recover their exhausted Dou Qi.

Although the experts that Hu Gan had brought over from the Outer Academy were a little weaker than the Elders of the Inner Academy, they were better off in terms of having a quite a lot of them. Hence, despite the colorful energy web being slightly dimmer, it was still able to withstand the wild attacks of the invisible flame.

Su Qian’s heart also sighed in relief as he sensed the increasingly weakening attacking strength...

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