Chapter 589: Breaching the Seal!

Chapter 589: Breaching the Seal!

The colorful energy barrier was like a cover with a beautiful hue, sealing the deep hole in an extremely firm manner. The moment the energy barrier took shape, the surrounding space immediately began to form waves of ripples. Clearly, the energy contained within this energy barrier, which appeared to have been carelessly agglomerated, was extremely powerful.

This kind of extremely powerful energy barrier was a seal that the Inner Academy had already set up a long time ago. Any Elder was able to activate it during a critical moment. Its purpose was to guard against the sudden eruption of the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’.

Although the energy barrier was powerful, its body appeared to be like the surface of a lake where a giant rock had been thrown in. A wave of extremely great heat approached in the blink of an eye. Waves of extremely rapid fluctuation were stirring.


The enormous blood-red magma suddenly erupted out from the endless underground before carrying a strength that could move mountains and flip seas as it violently struck at that colorful energy barrier. Immediately, a muffled sound reverberated over the entire bottom level of the tower. The instant that the sound...

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