Chapter 587: The Pain of Refining One’s Body

Chapter 587: The Pain of Refining One’s Body

As the clusters of invisible flame entered into the forehead of Xiao Yan and the others, the bodies of the eleven of them immediately began to tremble via a varying degree. Soon after, their faces began to flush red to the degree of burning coal. There were even threads of white fog seeping out from everyone’s head.

Su Qian nodded slightly as he saw the flushed red faces of the eleven of them. He instructed the two Elders. “Watch them carefully. Don’t let any accidents occur.”

The two Elders bowed and received the orders. A gray-robed Elder among them sighed, “I wonder how many people will be able to successfully endure this time around?”

“This kind of refinement of one’s body with the ‘Heart Flame’ is far from those ‘Heart Flames’ used to train with in the upper few levels can compare with. This kind of searing pain is something that even someone with great mental strength may not have absolute confidence in being able to endure through it all.” Su Qian spoke faintly.

The other Elder smiled bitterly and nodded. He said, “There were only four among the last batch of top ten in the ‘Strong Ranking’ who managed to endure through it. The remaining six failed...

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