Chapter 584: Separated

Chapter 584: Separated

“Ling Quan, shut your mouth! The Xiao clan and our clan have a treaty of alliance. How can we allow you to open your mouth to insult them?” Xun Er shouted sternly toward Ling Quan. Her heart became anxious as she sensed Xiao Yan’s expression becoming darker and colder.

“Ke ke, xiao-jie you need not be angry. It is just that I am a little outspoken.” Ling Quan smiled. He changed his words only to suddenly say, “However, the clan head instructed me before my journey that I should inquire about the location of the key from the Xiao clan if I meet Young Master Xiao Yan.”

When he spoke until this point, Ling Quan smiled and turned his gaze toward Xiao Yan, “May I inquire if Young Master Xiao Yan can inform me?”

Xun Er’s heart shook when she heard this, being afraid that Xiao Yan would reveal some traces. She was just about to interrupt when Xiao Yan by the side knit his brows and asked uncertainly, “Key?”

Ling Quan frowned as he watched Xiao Yan’s doubtful expression. He quietly spoke in his heart, “Don’t tell me he doesn’t know? Now that the Xiao clan has fallen apart, no one knows whether the ‘Hall of Souls’ has snatched the key. It would be troublesome if they have already obtained i...

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