Chapter 582: Advancement of Strength

Chapter 582: Advancement of Strength

Xun Er quietly sat to one side in the quiet secret chamber. Her delicate hand held her cheeks and under her green-colored sleeves revealed snow-white wrists. A pair of bright treasure-like pupils used the little, gentle light to stared at Xiao Yan, who was sitting in a cross-legged manner with his eyes tightly shut.

It had been five days since the ‘Strong Ranking’ Grand Competition. However, Xiao Yan had still not shown any traces of waking up from his training. This caused Wu Hao and the others to be quite worried. They had suggested forcefully waking the former up from his training state a couple of times, but they were all stopped by Xun Er. With her eyesight, she was naturally able to sense that the Dou Qi in Xiao Yan’s body was surging by the day. By the time he truly awoke, his strength would definitely advance greatly from the time when he was seriously injured. If he was woken up at this time, it would undoubtedly mean that he would lose this excellent advancement opportunity.

“Looks like there are no results today…” Xun Er sighed gently again after seeing that Xiao Yan still did not have any trace of waking up despite having waited for...

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