Chapter 581: Recuperation

Chapter 581: Recuperation

The two or three days after the ‘Strong Ranking’ Grand Competition had come to a close, the entire Inner Academy was still remained in shock from those soul-stirring battles. Everybody in the Inner Academy was discussing the battles that occurred during the ‘Strong Ranking’ Grand Competition. Among those, the two battles of Xiao Yan against Liu Qing and Xun Er against Lin Xiuya were naturally the ones which were relished the most. This was especially the case for the latter. Everyone’s faces still carried a shocked expression when discussing the latter. No one expected that this young lady, who appeared quite quiet despite having a stunning appearance, would actually hide such a frightening strength.

In the past there were even some people in the Inner Academy who had quietly mocked her as a flower vase because of her appearance. However, after this incident, everyone finally understood that the most frightening person within ‘Pan’s Gate’ was not Xiao Yan. Instead, it was the beautiful, young lady who was always obediently behind him.

Borrowing the momentum that Xun Er and Xiao Yan had established, the reputation and status...

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