Chapter 58: A High Price

Chapter 58: A High Price

Even though everyone in the hall quieted down after Ya Fei announced the starting price, soon, a young man who had been distracted by Ya Fei hurriedly yelled: “16,000!”

Immediately after calling out his price, the slightly pale faced young man tried to act gracefully by faking a bow towards Ya Fei. However, he missed the fact that his eyes were giving conspicuous lust-filled looks at her well formed chest.

Internally sneering at the young man, whose thoughts were obviously fixed on her body, Ya Fei continued to keep her smiling expression and asked the rest of the crowd, “Do we have any other offers?Are there any other takers?”



The crowd under the stage erupted with people calling out their prices after that initial offer. The first buyer looked embarrassed after his initial price had been beaten by two or three other people and promptly sat down.

Hearing the nonstop stream of prices, Xiao Yan couldn’t help but feel shocked and could only let out a gasp in his surprise. The buyers wanted the Foundation Elixir to a degree that was far greater than he had anticipated. It would appear that letting the Primer’s Auction House spread word of the Foundation Elixir had been a wise decision after all.

The three major clans held an spectator stance in regards of this Foundation Elixirs and thus weaker parties seized the opportunity and began to scramble to name whatever they would pay. They all wanted to snatch a Foundation Elixirs because, after all, something, such as a Foundation Elixir, that could increase one’s Dou Qi was rare even within the whole of the Jia Ma Empire.

After half an hour of prices being called , the first Foundation Elixir was sold after the bids began to stall at around 47,000.

Looking at the happy look on the fat buyer’s face, Xiao Yan was truly speechless. He didn’t think that anyone would want a Foundation Elixir more crazily than his father had… It costed around 1000 gold coins to make just one Foundation Elixir, but here one just sold for ten times that amount. At such large profit margins, Xiao Yan couldn’t help but salivate.

Xiao Yan took a moment to ponder, scratching his chin and blinking: if he had never met Yao Lao, would he ever have had the luxury of being able to use the Foundation Elixir every day?

Seeing that the first Foundation Elixir had been sold for such a large price, Ya Fei could only let out a sigh of relief and think to herself, “With such a price, will the mysterious alchemist be satisfied? It would be great if the mysterious alchemist had even a slightly better impression of the Primer Auction House!”

Ya Fei turned back to look at all the people who filled the auction house, after shaking her head out of her thoughts. With a laugh, she stared at the white jade bottles in her hands, “The last 6 Foundation Elixirs will be divided and sold as 3 groups of 2. Each group will have a starting price of 30,000 gold!”

Eyeing each of the two bottles of Foundation Elixir, the people all became strangely quiet. They looked at the 3 major clans standing a distance away for only a moment. But that short moment was all they needed to know that the 3 clans were about to make their move.

“31,000.” The Jia Lie clan leader Jia Lie Bi was silent for a second after the price was announced, and then slowly called out his bid.

“Hehe, Jia Lie Bi, did the Qi Method you buy last time empty your clan treasury? How is it that you’re so stingy now? Can you even spare 1,000 gold now?” Ao Ba Pa suddenly jeered after hearing Jia Lie Bi’s price.

His face twitching slightly, Jia Lei Bi glared at Ao Ba Pa with a single eye. Instead of firing back an insult, he turned his cold gaze back to the white jade bottles onstage.

“35,000.” Yelled out Ao Ba Pa. He mockingly looked at Jia Lei Bi as he gave his bid.

“38,000.” Jia Lei Bi followed suit.

“45,000.” Ao Ba Pa continued to provoke the other clan leader.

“50,000.” By the time this price was called, Jia Lie Bi’s hand had started to tremble. Although it was hard for him to admit it, as Ao Ba Pa had said before, the Jia Lie Clan had used several years of savings to buy the High Level Xuan Qi Method. Thus recently, Jia Lie Clan’s income had already shrunk by more than 20% to 30%.



The rest of the audience members could only sigh regretfully at the sight of the two, even if they had enough funds, they still lacked the might to challenge the three great clans. After all, each of the three great clans of Wu Tang City had at least three strong Da Dou Shi level practitioners!

Though economic power was an important pillar that supported a clan, if there was no military might to protect this economic power, with the riches of the world, they would still not be powerful.

Therefore, the rest of the audience tactfully avoided entering the auction battle between these two clans, while occasionally glancing towards the Xiao Clan, who were still sitting on the fence.

When the Foundation Elixir price raised to 73,000, an ashen-faced Jia Lie Bi finally withdrew. With his clan’s current circumstances he could not afford to continue squandering money.

At the sight of the ashen faced Jia Lie Bi, Ao Ba Pa joyfully pulled back his body, a splendid smile lighting up his face.

While the two were battling, Ya Fei observed from the stage while maintaining her alluring smile. Her gaze was similar to that of a wolf eyeing a fat sheep. It was only when the final auction price had been settled that Ya Fei reluctantly let the smaller hammer in her hand smash downwards.

When Ya Fei once again pushed forward another set of two Foundation Elixirs, the silent Xiao Zhan finally made his move. His indifferent tone sounded out before anyone else, causing the already crestfallen Jia Lie Bi to fall further into depression.

“70,500!” A voice filled with the determination to win flatly resounded throughout the hall.

On the stage, even Ya Fei was taken aback by Xiao Zhan’s drive, taking a little while to recover from her daze, she finally smiled and asked: “Is there anyone else?”

Sitting on his chair, Jia Lie Bi fiercely glared at the smiling Xiao Zhan, cursing in fury to himself: “Bastard, if it was not for him, how would my Jia Lie Clan have fallen to this embarrassing state?”

Flames of rage flickered within his eyes as Jia Lie Bi grinded his teeth and he abruptly shouted with a voice full of bitterness: “85,000!”

“95 000!” Not even bothering to glance at Jia Lie Bi, Xiao Zhan waved his hand, giving the impression that he would be more than able to keep up with any amount Jia Lie Bi could bid.

Seeing that Xiao Zhan was determined to win at all costs, the corners of Jia Lie Bi’s mouth twitched, yet one could see that deep within his eyes, he was happily sneering. It was though he had a bit of hesitation as he clenched his jaw: “100,000!”

Hearing Jia Lie Bi’s bid, the entire hall erupted, using 100,000 gold coins to buy two bottle of Foundation Elixir is insane. It was clearly a big loss.

Carefully scrutinizing Jia Lie Bi who looked like he was ready to fight to the death, Xiao Yan lightly smiled. Shaking his head, he spoke to Xun Er in a low voice: “I bet that if father bids once again, that guy would wash his hands clean of this money loser transaction.”

Xun Er blinked her long eyelashes, she had not payed close attention to the struggle between the two and somewhat startled, she said: “But he looks like he wants it a lot.”

“Hehe” Xiao Yan smiled, he did not need to say another word.

Xiao Zhan sat silently in the front row after having heard Jie Lie Bi’s latest bid. Abruptly standing up, he gave Jia Lie Bi a funny look. At the next instant, the suddenly grinning, Xiao Zhan’s next words stupefied Jia Lie Bi: “You win… ”

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