Chapter 579: A Breath Remains

Chapter 579: A Breath Remains

The enormous dark-red glow rushed through the air in a lightning-like manner. A slight energy seeped out wherever it passed, causing the huge rocks on the ground to be shattered into powder. Moreover, the nearly half a meter wide crack line swiftly expanding on the ground completely destroyed this arena.

The golden-colored bright intense light occupied half of the sky in the arena. The dark-red glow was like a crescent as it shot out. The two contained an extremely sharp glow and the space along the way vibrated. Crack lines spread out, and a frightening destructive force caused the faces of everyone in the viewing platform to fill with shock and fear. If they were in that position, it was likely that the little energy that seeped out would be sufficient to shock them to death. A fight of this level was a little too terrifying.

The two extremely frightening attacks were about to collide with a bang. Te countless number of eyes watching reflected the golden and dark-red glow as the two attacks came together like meteorites!

The hearts of everyone were involuntarily lifted the moment when the two were very close. Just who would be victorious in this...

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