Chapter 577: One Move

Chapter 577: One Move

The collapsing-mountain and cracking-land explosion reverberated like rolling thunder in the spacious arena under a countless number of shocked gazes.

A majestic destructive wind was much like a storm, carrying a high temperature as it swept in all directions from the spot in the arena where the flame lotus had exploded! The ground within the arena cracked wherever the storm passed. A crack line that was as thick as an arm began to swiftly spread over the entire arena like a spider web. That seemingly tough fighting arena had completely turned into a mess in an extremely short amount of time.

Numerous stunned gazes stared foolishly at the arena that was completely destroyed from the viewing gallery. Their minds were somewhat unable to come to terms with it. They did not expect that the cluster of green-purple light, which had not been clearly seen, would actually be able to create such a frightening destructive strength!

It was a long time later before everyone gradually recovered from their dull state. All the gazes were abruptly turned to the pale-faced black-robed young man whose chest was rising and falling repeatedly. Without exception, the eyes of these people were filled with surprise...

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