Chapter 574: Seething

Chapter 574: Seething

The entire stadium was silent. The gazes of everyone were all gathered on the two people on the tall platform.

Liu Qing was the first to move under the observation of everyone. He slowly stood up and immediately strode to the edge of the tall platform under Liu Fei’s worshipping gaze. Finally, his body flashed and leaped down.

Liu Qing’s legs stomped heavily onto the arena. He raised his head, and his gaze turned toward the position where Xiao Yan was located. His eyes had some fieriness within them. The opponent that he viewed the most highly within this ‘Strong Ranking’ Grand Competition was Lin Xiuya. He did not view any other competitors too seriously. However, the significantly strong fighting strength that Xiao Yan had displayed during these past two days was also able to cause a strong person like Liu Qing to pay attention and view him a little more seriously. Being able to fight with this dark horse that had caught the most attention before his fight with Lin Xiuya was much like having an appetizer before the big meal. Hence, his interest in this match was quite great.

As Liu Qing entered the arena, all the gazes in the stadium immediately gathered onto Xiao Yan alone. Many people wanted to...

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