Chapter 573: The Contest Between The Novice Dark Horse And A Veteran Expert

Chapter 573: The Contest Between The Novice Dark Horse And A Veteran Expert

Everyone on the tall platform looked at each other. It was really unexpected that the biggest dark horse would meet a true tiger that would block his path at such a critical juncture. It was likely that only Zi Yan and Lin Xiuya possessed the strength to fight Liu Qing in the Inner Academy. Although Xiao Yan’s performance in the two battles earlier had been impeccable, there was undoubtedly still an extremely large gap when compared to a true peak expert on the ‘Strong Ranking’ like Liu Qing.

“This Xiao Yan can be considered to be unlucky…” Yan Hao sighed as he spoke to Lin Xiuya beside him.

Han Yue also knit her brows slightly. Although she already held a high opinion of Xiao Yan’s strength, she had no choice but to admit that there was still a big gap when one truly compared him with a strong person like Liu Qing.

Lin Xiuya’s expression was calm. No one knew what he was thinking. It was a long while later before he softly spoke, “We should come to the conclusion after the match. Although I also think that the chances of Xiao Yan losing are high, I also cannot deny that he similarly has some chance of victory. His match with Liu Qing, ugh… it is difficult to say.”

The few people by his side nodded slightly. Their gazes involuntarily swept toward Liu Qing’s position. At this moment, the forehead of the latter also...

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