Chapter 568: Victorious!

Chapter 568: Victorious!

Yao Sheng’s face was a furious green as he eyed Xiao Yan in the sky who had a mocking smile hanging on the corner of his lips. His hands tightened their grip on the daggers as he said coldly, “Even without the ‘Black Water World’, you will be defeated sooner or later. I don’t believe that that secret technique of yours to raise your strength can endure for long.”

“It is sufficient enough to finish you off.” Xiao Yan laughed softly. His arm shook a little as powerful green-colored Dou Qi carrying threads of green-colored flames, that were difficult to discover, leaped and climbed onto the heavy ruler. His gaze stared intently at Yao Sheng below, whose entire body was tense. An instant later, Xiao Yan suddenly flapped his wings, only to hear a slight ‘shua’ sound. Immediately, a vague black shadow strangely appeared behind the back of Yao Sheng’s head. The heavy ruler in his hand carried a wild and violent force as it was viciously hacked downward. That ferocious wind appeared to be intent on tearing the air in front of him apart.

Yao Sheng sensed something the moment the wind from his back sounded. His feet stomped heavily on the ground, and a black water vapor abruptly...

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