Chapter 567: Overcoming the ‘Black Water World’

Chapter 567: Overcoming the ‘Black Water World’

The entire stadium was silent as the black-robed, young man flapped his wings, suspended in mid-air.

Su Qian’s face on the judges’ seats was also somewhat stunned. However, his eyes were naturally far from what the others could compare with. This was because when his gaze once again swept over the wings on Xiao Yan’s back, his stunned look gradually turned to a sudden understanding. “It is actually a Flying Dou Technique. Hei, it is really unexpected that this little fellow is even able to get his hands on such a rare Dou Technique.”

As Su Qian pointed it out, the other Elders also came to a sudden understanding. An ordinary person might not have heard very much about the Flying Dou Techniques. However, with their experience, they have heard a little about such extremely rare Dou Techniques.

“Fortunately… I almost thought for a second there that this little fellow had advanced to the Dou Wang class.” Some of the Elders quietly wiped off the cold sweat on their foreheads. They had went all out to desperately train for decades in order to achieve their current strength. If this young man below, who was not even twenty, had achieved this step, they would truly feel grief and indignation. Moreover,...

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