Chapter 566: Squaring Off Against Yao Sheng

Chapter 566: Squaring Off Against Yao Sheng

The second round of the competition held a degree of excitement that far exceeded that of the elimination matches on the first day. Most of those people who were able to reach this point had an extremely great strength. However, even with great strength, they had to go all out if they wanted to obtain victory. Some of them would even fight until both competitors were seriously injured before one of them could luckily obtain a weak victory.

Following the full swing of progression of the second round of the competition, the competitors in the stadium appeared one after another. After the end of an extremely ferocious match, there was one who rejoiced while the other ended up in sorrow.

Xiao Yan eyed Wu Hao in the arena who was being suppressed by his opponent to the point of being stuck in a disadvantageous situation, and could not resist letting out a sigh. Wu Hao could be considered to be out of luck today. The opponent he drew from the lots was actually an expert within the top ten of the ‘Strong Ranking’. With this kind of gap which was close to a full class, Wu Hao gradually fell into a disadvantaged situation even though he had gone all out to fight. At this moment, control of the situation was basically completely within his opponents hands.

“It is already not bad that Wu Hao is able to reach this point. If he had met an opponent ranked in the twenties, he might have been able to fight it out. However, he is really quite unlucky to actually meet an opponent within the top ten of the ‘Strong Ranking’. However, I think that with Wu Hao’s character, he will not feel much regret even if he is defeated by the hands of his opponent.” Xun Er shook her head slightly and smiled as she spoke.

“Yes.” Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. From the start Wu Hao did not compete with the aim of being in the top ten. His main intention for participating in the Grand Competition was to spar with the true experts within the Inner Academy. Currently, his opponent had completely satisfied this hope of his. Hence, he would not be dejected even if he lost.

“Instead, Xiao Yan ge-ge, you need to be cautious of Yao Sheng. This person is also a little troublesome. You must be careful when you fight him.” Xun Er reminded with a gentle voice.

“You can rest assured.” Xiao Yan smiled slightly. He had once exchanged blows with Yao Sheng. Additionally, Lin Xiuya had also given him some tips. Therefore, Xiao Yan understood Yao Sheng quite well, and would naturally not underestimate the latter.

“There are twenty-four competitors in the entire arena. In other words, there will be twelve remaining people after today’s matches. According to the special rules of the Grand Competition, six people will be randomly chosen to decide the names of the top ten who will confront...

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