Chapter 565: Second Round

Chapter 565: Second Round

This match of Liu Qing were undoubtedly one of the few exciting fights in this competition. However, given his strength, a match this standard did not cause others to feel overly surprised.

After Liu Qing, there were quite a number of experts who made their appearance one after another. Among them, the one that garnered the most attention was undoubtedly the appearance of Lin Xiuya. However, his match caused everyone to be neither able to laugh nor cry. This was because his opponent never appeared. Under the pressure of facing the number two on the ‘Strong Ranking’, he chose to admit defeat and leave. Therefore, Lin Xiuya had become the person who had the easiest time advancing. This also caused Liu Qing, Xiao Yan, and the others who wanted to observe Lin Xiuya’s tactics beforehand to feel somewhat disappointed.

The twenty-five matches on the first day lasted from morning until night before it was finally declared to have ended in front of the countless numbers of gazes that did not seem to enjoy it sufficiently. Although there were some competitors who did not display their strength well, the ‘Strong Ranking’ was ultimately the competition with the highest standards in the Inner Academy...

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